TikTokers to Follow

By Mackenzie D

TikTokers to Follow

There are so many great people on TikTok who use their platforms to help and motivate others. I’m going to share some of my favorites for inspiration and mental health advice! 


@taylorpolcyn2 – She has a series on her account about all the things she loves about life, and her smile is so contagious in those videos; these posts really make me realize all of the wonderful things in life!

@lexxhidalgo – If you ever need any motivation, this account is perfect! She talks a lot about confidence and self love. She also will talk about motivation and how to get motivated when it gets hard.

Mental Health

@mashmushe – She is a licensed therapist and talks a lot about anxiety and many other topics regarding mental health. She also talks about therapy and gives lots of advice and tips for dealing with certain mental illnesses.

@amoderntherapist – He talks a lot about therapy and mental health also. Most of his content is organized into series about different mental health conditions, dealing with grief, and other topics. He has a way of talking that reduces the stigma on mental health and makes everything seem light-hearted. 

Each of these TikTokers are trying to make the app a happier and motivational space. I really urge you to look at these accounts and see if their content would be helpful to you!