By Samantha W


We, unfortunately, find eating disorders at the forefront of our society. To those who are struggling and looking for tips for being in recovery, this is for you: 

Forgive yourself- Forgiving yourself is key to starting a journey. Releasing all that does not allow your growth is very important. 

Allow yourself time to recover- There is time, no need to rush recovery. Everyone starts somewhere. Act with a purpose and intention. Things may seem slow at first, but as time goes on, your progress begins to build, which turns into your growth. 

Be kind to yourself– This can be challenging for those in recovery. You are able to live a life disconnected from your eating disorder. You are strong, worthy, you are so much more than your disorder. Kind words, positive thoughts, and a flexible mindset will do so much good. 

Take the path that is most comfortable for YOU– Do not force yourself to do anything that you feel personally is intolerable. 

Reach out to others –Your parents, peers, and other wonderful people in your life are always here to lend a helping hand. Reaching out to one of them, whether it be opening up about your eating disorder, it is always worth it. You are loved 🙂