Reach Out & Grasp

By Aidan A

Reach Out & Grasp

Being able to talk and have someone to talk to can be so, so, so relieving and helpful to get things off of your mind. Writing down your thoughts, feelings and emotions can help as well if you aren’t ready to talk to someone, or need to gather yourself to find someone trustworthy enough to talk to. It takes courage, trust me. Personally, building up the courage to tell someone what is going on in my life can be stressful, which is why I write it down to gather myself and get that courage to come, and then I talk to someone. 

There are good people out there who will understand and listen with not just one ear, but with everything they have to understand your hurt and/or troubles.

It takes tons of courage to talk to someone, but it is worth it. It really is. Some people are out there and are so bright. You get attracted to them and feel safe and secure because they are your light. When you talk to someone, they become the light you were looking for in a room filled with darkness. I was there when I went through a breakup 2-3 years ago, and I was lucky to have had someone/people there for me. 

See light in the darkest things; it will guide you.