Lessons From My Coach

By Adeline H

Lessons From My Coach

My tennis coach has always preached hard work and dedication will take over skill.

You can have the best serve or best backhand on the team but if you aren’t striving for more and not giving it your all at practice or in matches, you aren’t going to improve and show your best self.

After hearing this speech almost every day at practice, I started putting those words into my tennis game. I knew that they were better and stronger players, but showing up to practice and playing hard even if it’s just practice, was putting me ahead of everyone else who didn’t have the same dedication to the sport. After I started seeing those changes happening on the court I started applying that message to almost everything I could.

 In school, taking the extra time to rewrite and color code notes and studying for ten minutes longer than I normally would pushed me ahead of the people who aren’t putting their hardest into everything they’re doing. I’ve noticed with this method has come great success and with that success I’ve noticed myself becoming happier and overall stronger mentally.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” -Tim Notke