Don’t Lose Your Silliness

By Eli H

Don’t Lose Your Silliness

Often times we hear about kids growing up too fast these days. Why do we say that? Is it mainly because young people act like they are twenty-five? Or is it mainly because they lose their silliness?

As students grow older, they learn to let go of immaturity so they can grow into responsible adults. However, I believe that being immature and being silly are separate things. I have seen too many beautiful, vibrant souls become dull over the years due to them trying to fit in with what’s “normal.” They conform to being the average teen and end up losing themselves. This makes them more susceptible to depression and anxiety.

We, as a society, have to learn how to kick back, relax, and be weird! The greatest happiness in life are from enjoying the odd, out-of-norm moments, like going to Build-a-Bear with your friends at 17, wearing a party hat to school on your birthday, and wearing what you truly want to wear. So if you feel yourself starting to slip into the background of your own life, take a moment to think. Are you doing merely what is expected of you? Or are you embracing the weirdness inside of you?