Dealing with Divorcing Parents

By Jenna G

Dealing with Divorcing Parents

Watching your parents go through a divorce  is something that is extremely hard for kids, especially in our teenage years. As someone who is currently going through it, something that helps me is to have someone that I can talk to. I am lucky to have some really trustworthy friends, as well as some trusted adults. An important thing to remember is that you are going to feel a lot of emotions throughout this process, and you can’t keep all of that bottled up inside. 

Talking with someone and letting your emotions out is extremely beneficial. Sometimes, I feel intense amounts of anxiety

What is my future going to look like? Where will I live? Who will I live with?

I also feel really angry sometimes.

Why me? Why do my parents not love each other? Why can’t we be like other families?

And a lot of times, I feel sad and scared

Something I am currently dealing with is questioning some of those emotions I feel. Specifically, feeling a sense of relief. At first, I thought I was a horrible person for having relief that my parents are getting a divorce. However, I have learned that it’s 100% normal. It’s normal to feel relieved about the fact that soon, there will be less tension at home.

Understand that everything you feel during this process is normal, and you are not alone.