Confidence Building By Goal Setting

By Emelie S

Confidence Building By Goal Setting

One important step to feeling confident about yourself and your abilities is to set effective goals. You can focus on setting a goal to get more sleep or to do well on an important test. But how can you set a truly effective goal?

Here are the steps you can take to set an effective goal:

  • Identify your goals with a focus on being specific and realistic
  • Split the goals into smaller steps
  • Recognize possible obstacles and figure how you can address them
  • Create a schedule that will allow you enough time to reach your goal (use the smaller steps you decided earlier)
  • Write your goal down where you can see it!
  • DO IT!

And most importantly, remember that a goal should challenge you, but if you are feeling completely overwhelmed by your goal, you can always make adjustments! The most you can do is your best and circumstances and events will always change and require you to alter things.

Good luck with anything you have set your mind to!