Comfort Food for Rainy Days

By Chloe B

Comfort Food for Rainy Days

On rainy days when it is nice and chilly, I believe that this is the perfect time to do some baking that will warm your soul. Through trial and error with a bunch of different recipes I have found on the internet, these are my favorites so far. Before coronavirus, I would bake goodies and bring them for my classmates and to family functions, and they really enjoyed them.

I have also found that it is really easy to swap ingredients for an alternative and it still is delicious. For example, I have swapped normal flour with almond flour for my brother who cannot have wheat, and he said it was pretty good too. I personally love these recipes because of how simple they are and because they do not take more than about an hour to make.  I really hope you enjoy these easy recipes as much as I do on a rainy day!

Link to recipes (all credit for these recipes go to these individuals )