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Balancing Work and School

Balancing work and school is an essential part of your mental health. In the past, I have struggled with balancing ….

Ty A
Beavercreek High School

Healthy Coping Strategies

School is in session and that usually comes in with stress, so it is beneficial to have a few healthy ….

Bianca G
Beavercreek High School

How to Get Enough Sleep

A lot of people struggle with getting enough sleep, so you may ask yourself, “How do I get enough sleep?” ….

Rachel S
Beavercreek High School

Positive Mindset

Finding a positive mindset can be both challenging and hard to obtain. Nevertheless, it is possible. The best thing to ….

Anna C
Beavercreek High School

Putting Yourself First

Mental health is something that should be prioritized but often is not. It’s important to take a step back when ….

Audrey H
Beavercreek High School

Accepting Ourselves

So often many of us get caught up in the criticism, the hate, and the struggles that surround us. This ….

Emelie S
Beavercreek High School


When you are struggling, it is important to remember to take care of yourself. Self-care is defined as any activity ….

Noelle B
Beavercreek High School

Relaxing with Self Care

Self care is very important to your daily life. Everyone should find something that makes you calm and happy. Even ….

Cherie M
Kettering Fairmont High School

Caring for yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to find ways to improve your own mental health, or just to take care of ….

Grace T
Kettering Fairmont High School