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Self Positivity

Sometimes it can be hard to be kind to ourselves, but self positivity is critical in order to improve your ….

Lindsey T
Beavercreek High School

Positive Mindset

Finding a positive mindset can be both challenging and hard to obtain. Nevertheless, it is possible. The best thing to ….

Anna C
Beavercreek High School

Accepting Ourselves

So often many of us get caught up in the criticism, the hate, and the struggles that surround us. This ….

Emelie S
Beavercreek High School

How to Make the Best of 2021

From my experience, here are some tips and tricks to make 2021 the best it can be!  Block out all ….

Kyle H
Kettering Fairmont High School

TikTok for Christians

One Tik Tok account I suggest you follow if you are Christian or interested in religion is @mauricedowell. He is ….

Asa D
Kettering Fairmont High School

Focus on the good, even during difficult times

Oftentimes in difficult times, we tend to only focus on the bad instead of the good going on around us. ….

Ty A
Beavercreek High School