Back to School Blues

By Sophie H

Back to School Blues

School has started and for some students they haven’t had a regular school day in over a year. Getting back to regular routines and schedules is harder than ever. Research shows that 22% of Americans are diagnosed with a mental illness by 18. Here’s some  tips on how to stay on top of your mental health for the start of school 

  • Take time for yourself. Address your basic needs by eating healthy, staying hydrated and getting the right amount of sleep.
  • Do the things you enjoy. It’s important to find a hobby to give yourself a break for schoolwork. This also can increase your dopamine levels and get you in a better mood. 
  • Relax. Learn an exercise or two to help de-stress. This could be reading, drawing, listening to music or anything you find relaxing. Exercise has also been shown to increase levels of dopamine in the brain keeping you energized.
  • Volunteer for others.  Volunteering helps socialize with others, and can boost your self-confidence. 
  • Ask for help. Everyone has bad days. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends or even your teachers. Make your own support system and have people you can trust when you need someone to talk to. 


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