Accepting Ourselves

By Emelie S

Accepting Ourselves

So often many of us get caught up in the criticism, the hate, and the struggles that surround us. This often leads to us criticizing ourselves. But have you ever stopped to think “Am I accepting myself?” Most of the time when we think about acceptance we think about including and welcoming other people, but we also need to remind ourselves that we are people who deserve acceptance too.

Accepting ourselves does not lead to complacence, but rather brings a mindset that allows us the room to grow. Sometimes we make mistakes or act in a different way than we wish we did, and with self-acceptance, we can deal with this in a positive way. Rather than dwell on the little details that don’t matter and stress about every single move we make, we can set goals on how to improve and celebrate progress.

Want to know how to accept yourself? Try some positive affirmations and self-talk, celebrate the good you do and the goals you set, and remind yourself that mistakes are all a part of the journey of life. It may take some time, but the positive effects will come. No matter where you are or what is happening in your life, it is always important to remember that you as a person are valuable beyond measure.